10 Fun Activities to do with Pop Tubes

You Will Need:

  • Many pop tubes
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The Activities:

1-Pull open pop tubes at shoulder level or overhead and then spinning it around in a circle like a lasso (makes a cool sound and is great for shoulder strength)

2-Race: Who can close all the pop tubes as fast as possible (keep pop tube at shoulder level)

3-Five minutes on the clock: Who can write down on a piece of paper as many shapes you can make with pop tubes. Then show each other how to make the shape. (ex. Telescope, periscope, elephant trunk, tail, necklace, crown, letter 0, letter S etc…)

4-Make interlocking rings with pop tubes

5-Play tug of war

6-Play “I spy” by using pop tube as a telescope

7-Kids can make a long chain out of pop tubes, then wiggle it on the floor while children have to jump over it

8-Relay race, who can make the longest chain of pop tubes in 2 minutes

9- For little ones, place pop tubes in the sand box or bean/rice box or bath, they love to see how things go in one way and come out the other.

10- Play broken telephone using pop tubes (talking in a pop tube can get loud!!)

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  1. Molly
    November 2, 2016 at 10:35 am (12 months ago)

    Great ideas! Thanks!


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