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Mardi Gras Necklace Dive


You will need: Colorful necklaces¬†(available for purchase at¬†MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop) Exercise ball (available for purchase at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop) Therapy Corner: Many of the children that OTs work with have weak core muscles. This includes abdominal muscles and back muscles. It is very important to work on core first as it is the center of […]

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Space Maker


You will need: Lined paper small stickers or stars The Activity: When children start learning to write sentences many of them have difficulty with spacial concepts. They don’t always leave enough space between words and they therefore create sentences that are difficult to read. In order to teach spacing between words, I like to use […]

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Wonderful Letter Apps

Letter school photo

Therapy Corner Parents always ask me about the best teaching Apps.iPads are a wonderful and magical tool to teach children various concepts. Young children have been born into an era of technology. They have a natural ability to navigate this technology. I therefore encourage the use of technology to teach concepts and skills however it […]

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