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New Year, New Attitude (of Gratitude)


“Become a better parent, a more patient parent.” “Raise happier more conscious children” “ Spend more quality time with my child”…Sounds familiar?…New Year resolutions 2018! The world has become so busy and chaotic that now more than ever parents feel the need to instill solid values and life skills to raise happy, healthy, mindful, grounded […]

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Best Trick to Teach Writing Letters


Back to School is around the corner and it’s already here for some of our kids! Miss Mancy is back to school to and ready to get back into blogging! I love sharing tricks of the trade to teachers, therapists and care takers. Now that back to school is here, let’s focus on strategies you […]

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First Annual uAspire Fundraiser Gala


We had such a fun time this weekend at the first Annual uAspire Fundraiser Gala. Please help me support this wonderful organization that provides college scholarships. Knowledge is power and there is no reason why anyone should be denied an education due to lack of finances! Just imagine…the cure to many diseases, new technologies, brilliant art, […]

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