The Magic Dinosaur


You Will Need: Mini figurines such as Dinosaurs or Monkeys (Available for purchase here at Miss.Mancy’s Shop) Tricks of the Trade Many times young children have difficulty holding a pencil correctly. They may be able to hold the pencil with their fingers but they are unable to stabilize their hand by closing the rest of […]

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Bendaroo Borders


You will need: Bendaroos or Wikki Stix (both available here at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop ) Crayons The Activity: A great way to teach children to color in the lines is by creating a solid border around the edge of the drawing. It’s not always enough to remind them “Color inside the lines”. They need a […]

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Lite Brite Wonders


You will need: Lite Brite (I like the smaller version; most children don’t have the patience to complete a large detailed picture…available here at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop) Construction paper Scissors The Activity: I love this activity with kids of all ages because it works on so many fine motor skills at once! First cut a […]

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