Lite Brite Wonders


You will need: Lite Brite (I like the smaller version; most children don’t have the patience to complete a large detailed picture…available here at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop) Construction paper Scissors The Activity: I love this activity with kids of all ages because it works on so many fine motor skills at once! First cut a […]

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The Magic Wand


You will need: Magnetic wand (available at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop) Magnetic Bingo Chips (available at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop) Alphabet Stickers (purchase at Target) The Activity: I love teaching nesting and retrieving skills to children with this activity. The children also get a chance to work on spelling words. First, lay out bingo chips that have alphabet stickers on […]

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Monkey See Monkey Do


You will need: Thera-putty (I like orange…available here on MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop) Plastic monkeys (or any small items available here on MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop) The Activity: Ask any therapist, they will all tell you the same thing… Kids love to play with thera-putty. Putty comes in different strength depending on the color. I like the orange […]

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