10 Great Ways to Use Wax Strings

Here are 10 Great Ways that I like to use Wikki Stix

1-Place it around the top end of crayons to give children a visual and tactile cue as to where to place their fingers

2-Teach how to color in the lines by outlining a shape with the string.


3- Teach how to trace by placing string outlining the shape (it becomes like a stencil) then have children trace either on the inside or outside border of the string.

4- Use over and over for word match games

5- Draw a design and have children fill it in with wax string or make figurines as it was designed to play.


6- Practice letter formation by writing words on paper and having children use precut pieces of string to form letters.

7- Form letters using foam letters

8-Teach cutting by having children cut along the wiki stick border

9- Play wall tic tac toe. The vertical surface is great for strengthening wrist flexors.


10- Work on motor coordination by creating a path with string and have your child draw a line by staying in the path. I also like using a wiggle pen for added hand control.

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