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ABC Magic Tunnel

What you need:

  • ABC Puzzle (You can purchase a similar puzzle at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop)
  • Homemade Nylon tunnel (You can make it by sewing  a long piece of Nylon material purchased at your local fabric store)
  • Dry erase board and dry erase markers ( Available for purchase at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop)

The Activity:

I like using this activity when I need children to “get into their bodies” before working on other activities that require more attention from their bodies (for ex: balance activities).

Start by laying out the tunnel across the room. Place 8 letters on one end of the tunnel and the puzzle on the other end.

Ask your child to pick a letter and write it on the white board or a word that begins with that letter.

 If he writes it correctly, he can now crawl inside the magic tunnel and place the letter in the puzzle. Have your child crawl back through the tunnel to get another letter.

Little tips to keep in mind:

Some young children can be afraid of crawling in this dark tunnel. Have someone else keep the other end of the tunnel open and verbally cue them as they crawl through.

Ask children to go through the tunnel several different ways such as crawl backwards, walk on your knees, walk standing up,  commando crawl like a snake etc…

The resistance from the nylon tunnel provides great proprioceptive input to the body. And since your child cannot see much in the tunnel, he uses other senses to “feel” where his body is in space.

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