Fine Motor Activities

Alien Invasion

You Will Need:

  • Drawing or printout of an alien face laminated
  • clothespins painted green (you can add feet, hands and antenna)
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The activity:

Many activities that OTs do to improve pincer strength includes clothespins and resistive pins. I like making fun figures that children can clip body parts to. Make sure that your child is using their thumb and index finger with all other fingers tucked in the palm of their hands. This is a great activity to improve finger strength and will help children hold pencils more efficiently.

Start by laying out all the pieces in front of your child.

Then ask them to clip arms, legs and the antenna.

This is also a great activity to do on a scooter board. Your child can get on the scooter on their tummy and retrieve one piece at a time to then clip it on the alien head at the other end on the room.


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