Best Trick to Teach Writing Letters

Back to School is around the corner and it’s already here for some of our kids! Miss Mancy is back to school to and ready to get back into blogging!

I love sharing tricks of the trade to teachers, therapists and care takers. Now that back to school is here, let’s focus on strategies you can implement at school and at home for your children.

When teaching writing letters, I feel that the school system teaches children handwriting at a very young age. There is a developmental sequence to follow but unfortunately it is not taught that way in many school curriculums.


Here’s an EASY, SIMPLE and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE trick you can use when teaching letter-writing. Ready for this?……Draw a BOX! Yes! You heard me. Draw a box where you want the child to write or copy a letter.

That simple! The box provides a frame and immediately helps children with forming (where to start, visualizing direction for diagonals etc…) and sizing!

Try it! TRUST me. You can provide a child with a blank page and ask them to write their name (or copy their name) and then provide boxes for each letter in their name and see the difference!

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