Fine Motor Activities

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I’m always looking for different resistive pins to help strengthen little fingers. These are a great adjunct to other therapy activities since they can be done over a therapy ball or scooter to improve shoulder and back strength OR in sitting on a therapy ball while reaching backwards (like a sit-up to work on abdominal strength) to pick up the clips!

You will need:

  • Bird clips (Got these at Target)
  • Thin wooden dowel
  • Wooden Flower cutout
  • Green felt

The Activity:

I painted a wooden dowel green for the stem and glued on a wooden flower cut out. I then cut out felt leaves and added them to the stem.


Ask your child to push on the wings of the bird to clip them onto the stem!

Scooter board:

I also do this activity with the child laying on their tummy (in prone) on a scooter board, using their hands only to propel the scooter across the room. I place all the pins on one side and the flower on the other so that they go back and forth. This allows them to work on core strength as well as hand/shoulder strength while practicing bilateral coordination during the reciprocal arm movements to move the scooter.

Therapy Ball:

You can do this activity in prone over a therapy ball. You hold the flower while your child picks up one bird at a time to squeeze it open onto the stem of the flower. Make sure your child’s stabilizing hand is FLAT on the floor and facing forward to strengthen the wrist muscles. You can also do this with your child sitting on the therapy ball and while holding them by the hip, have hem do a sit-up to pick up one bird at at time and come back up to sitting position to the clip it onto the stem.

Balance board:

I place the pins on the floor around a balance board and ask the child to squat down to pick up a pin while maintaining their balance.

Net swing:

I use a net swing in clinic and place the child on their tummy (in prone), I then spread out the pins around them on a mat and ask them to propel the swing with their arms in order to pick up the pins one at a time and place them on the flower. I also clip the pins on a rope and ask the child to pull their bodies up on the rope with their hands to retrieve a pin and then place it on the flower.


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