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Top Ten OT Things to Do with: BALLOONS

You know I’m always looking for fun inexpensive and light ways (I travel to schools) to use children’s favorite toys and tools to teach important skills. Balloons are one of those magical items that makes every child rise to their feet and motivates them to participate! Here are my TOP 10 WAYS that I like

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Top 5 Activities for Children this Summer?

Parents have been asking me the same question over the past 2 weeks…Where do I sign up my child for the summer? What is the best camp or activity to involve them in? So I figured I would post my favorite Summer activities for children along with benefits of these activities to help you pick

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Going beyond Awareness

I have always been torn by the idea of Autism awareness or awareness of any other label for that matter. On the one hand, healing begins with awareness but on the other it can highlight separateness, us and them. Awareness is an important first step but we can’t stop there. By learning about Autism we

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Hold Space for your Child

What do I mean by that? I’d like to recount a known story about Thomas Edison. (not sure if it’s a true story but it definitely drives the point home!) As a young boy Edison came home one day and handed his mother a letter given to him by his teacher. She read it out

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Where do we go from here?

These past few days my mind has been occupied by the mass shooting in Parkland, FL. Being that I live in Miami, it’s not difficult to come across someone that has been directly affected by this devastating event. I really wanted to write about this. I can’t help but think what has our world come

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The Power of Unconditional Love

When I ask parents What has Autism taught you? They almost always answer “Unconditional Love” (and “patience”!!!). The very first step in raising a child with or without Autism is to realize that they are perfect as they are. As a parent, you are not here to fix them. You are here to understand them

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