Butterfly Lacing Cards

You Will Need From Your Kit:


  • Butterfly cut out
  • hole puncher
  • Ribbon (make sure to cut 10 inches for the door hanger activity in your kit)
  • Stickers

You can purchase this activity as a part of MissMancy’s Summer Days Kit

Step 1: Use hole puncher to make holes over each dot on the butterfly


Step 2: Place clear tape on both ends of the ribbon to make it easier lace


Step 3: Begin at the bottom of the butterfly and lace ribbon under the 2 bottom holes. Even out the 2 ends of the ribbon


Step 4: Begin lacing through each hole (use one ribbon for each wing)


Step 5: Lace the other wing and make a bow in the middle where both ribbons meet.


Step 6: Peel stickers and decorate your butterfly


Skills Addressed:

The use of a hole puncher helps children work on grip strength. It also mimics the open and closing movement of scissors which is a good activity for children who have difficulty with cutting skills.

Lacing is an important bilateral coordination skill. It can be challenging for little ones.

Peeling stickers works on neat pincer which is important for accomplishing many fine motor tasks.


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