Button the Princess

Therapeutic Corner:

Buttoning is a bilateral coordination skill as it requires both hands to do work simultaneously. Many children have difficulty with this task so I break it down in a fun and easy way. Teaching children how to manage buttons should be done first on a surface that can be placed in front of them and once that is mastered, it can be taught on items that are on their own body such as a shirt. (This is a more difficult task because it removes the visual component of this task and relies on tactile skills).

The Activity:

I used felt to create the face of a princess. I cut facial features out of felt and sewed buttons in the correct spots. This activity is fun for girls. You can also purchase it here at MissMancy’s Shop.


They can change the hair color and accessories by buttoning and unbuttoning pieces unto the face!


Here is a picture of the correct way to complete this activity:


Here in the INcorrect way to complete this activity:


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