Fine Motor Activities

Button Up my Angry Bird

Opening and closing buttons is an important skill when it comes to learning to get dressed.

Many of the little ones who have difficulty with fine motor task will have great difficulty opening and closing buttons…and besides it’s usually no fun to learn this skill.

Since Angry birds is still very popular with my little guys and girls I was inspired to create an activity that would combine fun and function…There you have it!!! Create an Angry Bird by adding features by buttoning!!!!

All you need are several pieces of felt and colorful buttons or you can purchase this activity on MissMancy’s Shop.

Try to use large textured buttons if you can especially for children who have difficulty with buttons and other fasteners. I also like to tell children to put the button in the tunnel and pull it out! it seams to help.


Once your child has mastered opening and closing buttons on a medium such as the Angry Bird or on a fastener board, you can then try to put those skills into practice and teach him how to open and close buttons on his/her own clothing.

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