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Candy Candy sooooo Much Candy!

What to do with all this extra candy?

1- Science experiment:

Teach children about acid content. Place a candy in a bowl with a little bit of water. Add a teaspoon of baking soda. If the solution bubbles, then this candy is acidic. Try with a variety of candies such as Lemonheads, Nerds, skittles, m&ms etc…


2-Candy Graphing Math:

Create graphs of the various candies. (Sample taken from

candybar graph

3- Licorice stamps:

Use the thin licorice strings (untwist) create a pattern on jar lids and use as a stamp. Children can create letters and numbers as well.


4- Blessing Boxes:

Create Sweet Blessings boxes filled with candy and donate to a local charity.

blessing box
5- Candy Jar:

Kids are asked to bring extra candy to school. These can be placed in a jar that the teacher can use for rewards to the class. (Sample taken from

candy jar
6- Paint with skittles and m&m:

Separate the candy by color. Dissolve the candy in a little bit of water and use like watercolors! (Sample taken from

7-Twizzlers and string licorice to make letters:

Create cards with uppercase and lowercase letters. Laminate them and have children create these letters using licorice.


8- Patterns:

Teach children important sequencing skills by creating candy patterns that they have to follow. This is a great classroom activity for little ones. (Sample taken from

9- Candy Sorting:

Use tweezers to pick up and sort candy by color. This works on pincer strength.


10- Donate the candy to our troops:

Donate extra candy to our troops at

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