Create your own Holiday Kit (request a quote)

I also want to give parents the opportunity to create their own kits. You can pick from any of the items listed on this page and send me an email at I will then send you a quote for your personalized kit. It will come wrapped in a white glossy box with a magnetic lid for easy storage. All kits come included with activity cards for each of the items purchased.

If you are not sure what activities are appropriate for your child, please don’t hesitate to email me and we can figure it out together.

Create you own Kit items to choose from:

(You can email me the item number or name : )

ITEM 1 Birthday Candle Twist and Turn
1 pack of Playdoh and 1 pack of small Birthday Candles | Related Post
ITEM 2 The Lady Bug who Lost her Spots
1 pack of Playdoh and a laminated picture of a Ladybug |Related Post  
ITEM 3 Hungry Hungry Fish
6 Fish Clips and a Laminated Cutout of a Worm  |Related Post  
ITEM 4 Paper Clip Counting Cards
55 Mini Plastic Paper Clips and Laminated Cards numbers 1 to 10 |Related Post  
ITEM 5 Twist and Turn
56 Colored Beads and 1 Rainbow Colored Pill Box | Related Post 
ITEM 6 Tennis Ball Chomper
One Slitted Tennis Ball Head and 10 Bingo Coins and Magnetic Wand|Related Post
ITEM 7 The Itsy Bitsy Spider
One Foam Spider Cutout and 8 Clips| Related Post  
ITEM 8 Scoop Up the Rainbow
Felt Ice Cream Activity | Related Post  
ITEM 9 Push Pin Match up
Cork Board, 12 Large Push Pins, 5 Sample Worksheets, 8 Elastics| Related Post 
ITEM 10 Bead the Little Caterpillar
1 Pipecleaner Caterpillar and 15 Beads| Related Post  
ITEM 11 Sea Creature Clips
Laminated Starfish, Crab and Jelly Fish and 15 Mini Clothespins | Related Post  
ITEM 12 Letter Pop
I Pop Activity | Related Post  
ITEM 13 Hanging them up to Dry
Ribbon and 10 Mini Pins| Related Post 
Alien Invasion
ITEM 14 Alien Invasion
1 Laminated Alien Head and Clothespins | Related Post 
Alien Invasion
ITEM 15 Button Up my Angry Bird
Angry Bird Felt Buttoning Activity | Related Post  
Monkey See Monkey Do
ITEM 16 1 Monkey See Monkey Do
Container of Putty and 5 mini monkeys | Related Post  


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