Fine Motor Activities

Cutting Snow Shapes

You Will Need:

  • Winter Stamps
  • Construction Paper
  • Markers and Scissors
  • Textured (foam) stickers

The Activity:

Here’s another great way to teach little ones how to cut. I use white construction paper and draw basic shapes such as square, triangle etc…

I like cutting along the shape when im teaching cutting as it helps children cut on the lines more easily. i.e I drew a blue square and before asking my child to cut it out, I cut around it in the shape of a square.

I then ask children to peel and stick foam snowflake stickers on each corner. (This is a great way to work on pincer strength and fine motor skills)

Children then use winter themed stamps (i used snowflakes) and stamp along the line.

I then cue the children as follows:

“Cut across the snowflake” and “Turn when you get to a sticker”.

Here, we cut out a square and kept the scraps. We then used the shapes that we cut out, along with the scraps to form a person by sticking pieces on construction paper.

I draw a box at the top of the page and ask children to name their figure. (Little added handwriting practice)

They then use snowflake stamps to make a snowing scene.


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