Easter Egg Hunt

You will need:

  • Plastic eggs and basket
  • Grabber
  • Letter stickers
  • Paper and markers

The Activity:

This is a great Easter activity that I do every year with the kids. It can be adapted many ways but there’s something about Egg Hunts that keep the children motivated forever!

I use this activity to teach children the letters in their names while working on fine motor skills. Begin having your child place one sticker letter per egg. (opening and closing eggs allows them to work on fine motor skills as well as graded hand control)

For younger children, I write their name in large block letters on a piece of paper and for older children I draw boxes on paper corresponding to the number of letters in their name.

I hide the eggs around the house and the egg hunt begins.

Get your child to find all the eggs and place them in their basket by using the grabber (works on hand strength).

Then have your child open one egg at a time and peel the sticker that they find (fine motor skills).

I ask the children to stick the letter on the corresponding letter or box and then copy the letters of their name.

For older children who have to work on handwriting skills, I ask them to write a word for each letter of their name.

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