Erase away errors


Mini Pentel eraser comes included in MissMancy’s Handwriting Starter Kit. Available for purchase on this site.

We pay so much attention on handwriting that we forget how important the ERASING is! Children WILL make many errors while learning to write.  Therefore learning to erase will make the difference between neat assignments and one big mess of words!! 🙂
The best erasers by far are the white  plastic erasers such as Staedler or Pentel!

Teach your child to erase to the point of making mistakes disappear from the paper. Also teach them to hold the paper with a flat hand close to the area that needs to be erased (avoids crumpling paper).

The added benefit of erasing is that it strengthens little fingers so make sure your child uses a neat pincer grasp (thumb and first 2 fingers with all other fingers tucked in the palm).
You can even have children erase items on a paper that is taped to the wall that way they strengthen their shoulders at the same time!

Who knew an eraser could do so much!!’ : ))

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