Fine Motor Activities

Find the Four Leaf Clover

Therapy Corner:

I love using adaptive chopsticks to teach children the proper way to isolate the correct fingers and strengthen the correct muscles that they need for a proper pincer grasp.

Just make sure that they hold the chopsticks with their thumb and 2 first fingers and all other fingers are tucked in the hand. If the chopsticks are to heavy for little hands to hold, I allow them to use all other fingers however they MUST keep an open web space (i.e. the space between the thumb and index finger that forms a nice open circle when this tool is held correctly)

Working on these muscles is a great way to help children strengthen the muscles used for an efficient grasp on pencils!

You Will Need:

  • Adaptive Chopsticks (can be purchased here at MissMancy’s SHOP)
  • 12 Three-leaf clovers and 1 Four-leaf clover. I purchased these foam ones but you can make them out of cardboard paper
  • 13 green beads
  • Hot glue gun

The Activity:

Begin by cutting out clovers from cardboard paper or use ready-made foam clovers. I simply cut one out and added a fourth leaf to it.


You can then glue on beads in the center of the clover.

Spread all clovers on the table or on the floor for a fun obstacle course and ask children to pick up the clovers by the bead using the chopsticks!


Whoever finds the four-leaf clover wins!!!!!


Other Ways to Play:

  • You can hide the clovers and play a treasure hunt game
  • Place them along a balance beam and have children pick them up and hold on to them to place them in a pot at the end of the beam. They must hold using the chopsticks at all times.
  • Make different colored clovers and as children pick them up they can sort them by color
  • Spread them out in the room and children pick them up while laying or sitting on a scooter

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