Flip Those Ghosts

You Will Need:

I love all these small party favors. So much you can do with them. I used these ghosts for a math game and practicing writing numbers.

Use the Sharpie to write numbers from 0 to 10. It doesn’t matter if your repeat numbers. Place the ghosts face down (I used 12 ghosts). Ask children to turn over 2 ghosts and to add up the two numbers and write down their answer on a piece of paper (or on a dry erase board).

It’s important to ask children to flip the ghost (not pick it up) using the thumb against the tip of the index finger. ¬†This works on motoric separation of the hand (one side does the work of flipping while the other half stabilizes the hand during this movement).

I also like giving children a visual. Here I drew two ghosts along as part of a math sentence.

You can also play this as a memory game by writing upper and lower case letters behind each ghost. Ask your children to find a match. I also ask them to practice their letters by copying the letters on paper.

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