Fine Motor Activities



Activity 1:

Use the small pompoms and adaptive chopsticks to feed the frog some flies!

This works on pincer grasp which is needed to promote a good pencil grasp. Make sure your child uses his thumb and 1-2 fingers.

Activity 2:

Use the playdoh to make small balls using only the thumb and first 2 fingers. Then squish them onto the circles on the frog. This activity helps with finger isolation as well as finger strength.

Activity 3:

Use a dry erase marker (not included) to color in each circle. Make sure your child colors in a circular pattern. This type of coloring will help with finger isolation rather than whole arm/hand movements when coloring.

You can purchase this activity as a part of MissMancy’s Summer Days Kit


You can also have your child cut out the frog using scissors and cut out the mouth so it makes it more real when they feed the frog!


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