Fine Motor Activities

Frosty the Snowman

You will need:

  • White paper (card stock is best)
  • Hole puncher (i used one in the shape of a snowflake)
  • markers
  • Glue

The Activity:

This is a great cutting activity for children that have difficulty cutting circles and I like that it can be done quickly and easily so it’s a great craft to use in clinic as well when we have so many other things to work on in our sessions.

Start by asking your child (or you) to draw 3 different sized circles. Then use the hole puncher to make snowflakes all along the circle. This resistance activity is great for strengthening little hands and mimics the open and close concept of scissors (a great way to work on motor planning of opening and closing tools for children with difficulty maneuvering scissors)

Ask your child to cut the circles by cutting across each snowflake! The beauty of this activity is that by cutting across each snowflake, your child will naturally cut and turn, cut and turn, cut and turn (the bilateral coordination aspect of cutting which can be very challenging for little ones)

Once your child cuts out all 3 circles, stick them one on top of the other and color in facial features! In clinic when we are usually pressed for time and my goal is the cutting, I stop here, but you can take the time to add stickers and other really cool stick on foam accessories like a a broom, a hat etc…


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