Fun Time Kit (retail: $99)

     My goal this Holiday Season was to create Fun kits for children with Autism. It’s usually difficult to find items that motivate children while working on important therapeutic goals. The Fun Time Kit, is a combination of the most popular activities that I have played with my young Autistic clients. I wanted things to look like magical gifts which is exactly how they turned out!

     I love these activities in the Fun Time Kit not only because they have calming properties but also because they can be incorporated easily with other therapy equipment to meet many therapeutic goals. (I have listed these on the instruction cards in your kit)

Items included in the Fun Time Kit:

1.Portable Easel: This is hands down one of my favorite tools. I have yet to meet a child who is not drawn to this easel! This specific easel is magical! Even children who do not like handwriting tasks all of a sudden become completely compliant when done on the easel! I use it for drawing, coloring, for magnetic games, as a part of an obstacle course and I place homework on the easel for correct hand positioning during writing tasks. The possibilities are endless. (Visit the following link for important information about easels:

2.The Lady Bug who Lost her Spots: The resistance of the playdoh is a great calming activity. When done correctly, you can work on  finger isolation and manipulation skills. (Visit the following link for more information:
3. Putty and Miniature Monkeys: Resistive putty is often used in therapy. Its resistance can be calming while strengthening weak fingers and hands. During my therapy sessions, I like to hide items in the putty that children have to find, prior to beginning fine motor activities. The resistance of the putty is a great way to “wake up” your child’s fingers by increasing awareness. (Visit the following link for more information:
4. Itsy Bitsy Spider Lost Her Legs: The resistive pins are great for calming and strengthening little fingers. This is a great simple task for little ones but for older children I use it in combination with therapy equipment such as swings, scooters and peanut balls. You can also work on color concepts, counting and sequencing. (Visit the following link for more information:
5. Tennis Ball Chomper and Magnetic Wand: Another fun resistive activity to strengthen little fingers and calm. Children are mesmerized by the magnetic wand. You can use the Bingo chips to work on color skills, in hand manipulation skills, bilateral coordination, counting and even letters/spelling by writing letters on the bingo chips. (Visit the following link for more information:
6. Alphabet Puzzle: Most children love letters! I added this great puzzle to the kit and stuck magnets behind every letter so it can be used on your magnetic portable easel. ABC puzzles are a great adjunct to therapy. I use this puzzle in endless ways to teach letters, handwriting, spelling, sounds, or as a part of an obstacle course and on various therapy equipment. I have included many ways to use this puzzle on the information cards in the kit.
7. Scoop Up the Rainbow: I like this activity to teach young children how to manipulate buttons. Its really a motivating way to teach this skill. I also like to use the different colored scoops to work on sequencing skills. (Visit the following link for more information:
8. Stickers: Another really fun tool that you can use in so many ways. (Visit the following link for more information:


These items come in a beautiful glossy white box with a big bow and can be used for storage. The lid is magnetic easy to open. My hope is that you continue to add to your collection of unique activities available on the MissMancy’s shopping page so that you can create a magical looking box that your child will enjoy time and time again!

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