Glow Doodle App Dot to dot Shapes

You will Need:

  • Download the “Glow Doodle” App
  • I like to use a stylus with a grip

I’m sure you all know by now that kids looooove to play on the iPad!!! I use Glow Doodle App several different ways to make working on handwriting fun and motivating.

I take the opportunity to work on tripod (3 finger) grasp when kids play on the iPad since this is an activity that they are soooo motivated to do. I purchased a stylus and added a grip at the end of it. Instead of having your child use his finger, take this wonderful opportunity to master the correct way of holding a writing tool!


Draw dots on the screen for the shape you want to teach and make it glow:

Ask your child to connect the dots to form a square:

If your child draws the shape correctly, make it glow!!!!

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