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8 thoughts on “Handwriting”

  1. Hello Nancy, I have been referring clients to your webpage a lot. I particularly like the print out of your handwriting pages. I have realized that you have updated your website, which I have always been impressed with. I enjoy reading your blogs as well. Today I tried looking up your handwriting resources and I required a password. Would I be able to sign in again as I believe I must have forgotten it? Thanks again Miss Mancy!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for your message. I took a little break from blogging and was attempting to revamp the website but so much got lost in the process! I finally have the heart to get back at it again!!! Yay! if there are things you can’t find, just email me directly and I will be happy to email you or guide you to the correct link. I’m in the midst of getting things fixed. Thank you so much for sharing with parents!

    • I would start by doing lots of hand, finger strength and neat pincer strength activities. Also provide them with short and fat pencils. These are easier to hold. You can also consider writing/coloring on easels or on the wall!


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