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Happy Pin Pick up

What you need:

The Activity:

I learned this great game from Roni, a wonderful OT that I work with. Clip different colored smiley face clips to your child’s clothing. Have the child stand on the wobble board. Then ask your child to get 1 clip, 1 specific color then 2 clips, 2 different colors in the order that you name them then 3 clips then 4 etc…The more clips your child retrieves correctly, the greater number of colors you request (you can also request the same color more than once ex: red, blue, red, pink). If your child gets the clips incorrectly, put them back on his clothing and ask for a new sequence of colors with the same number of clips. Only increase to a longer sequence if your child gets the presented one correctly.

Make sure that your child squeezes the clips using the thumb and two other fingers.

Therapy Corner:

This activity works on several important skills. When standing on a wobble board, your child works on static standing balance as well as proprioception. Your child has to constantly be aware of his body when he completes this on a wobble board and readjust his body not to fall off.

Also, the use of clips allows your child to strengthen his pincer grasp and the color sequencing game gives your child the opportunity to work on auditory memory.

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