Fine Motor Activities

Inspired by Movember

I love when November rolls around and all the men are sporting facial hair! It’s such a fun and visible way to support Prostate Cancer Awareness! Here are some fun ways to incorporate Movember in your activities!


1.Sticker mustache: This is a great way to teach children about facial features.
I found these furry sticker mustaches but they looked too painful to stick on the children’s lips. Instead we cut out a head, children picked a mustache and stuck it on. They then colored in facial features!


2. Matching mustache game: Use fun mustache cups to play a math game. Match the number to the matching number of mustaches. This works on counting concepts as well as visual memory.


3. Stack and throw: Use the same cups to have children create a pyramid (a wonderful visual-motor task) and use bean bags to see how many you can hit. I like to have children “earn” a bean bang by answering questions (ex: Name 5 animals that live in the ocean?) or by having to do a physical task (ex: Do 10 jumping jacks)


4. Draw the other half of the mustache.
Drawing mirror images is a great way to work on visual perceptual skills such as orientation as well as visual motor skills.

5. Ice Mustache Painting: Mix water and Kool Aide (put more Kool Aide than suggested amount) to make colorful ice cube. These can then be used to paint! Wonderful sensory activity for children of all ages.


6. Pin the mustache on the boy: I haven’t tried this yet but you can play a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey by pinning the mustache on the Silly Face. Great body awareness game.

7. Mustache Writing Activity: Have a worksheet with very different looking mustaches and ask children to write  who would have this mustache

8. Tic Tac Toe: I used a grid and plastic discs to create a Tic Tac Toe game. This is always a very good motor planning, problem-solving visual motor game!


9. Mustache Stamps: Use mustache stamps to create a face or to work on number concepts by stamping the correct number of mustaches that match a given number. Sooo many other ways to use stamps! Get creative!photo-92

10. Grow a Mustache: Get in on the action with all the fun mustache accessories you can find in craft stores. Kids love to dress up! I like taking pictures of the kids with funny mustaches and printing it out for them! They love it! This is my cutie pie nephew getting in on the action!


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