Fine Motor Activities

Lacing Winter Hats

You will need:

  • Construction paper
  • Hole puncher
  • String/yarn/shoelaces/ribbon with a piece of tape wrapped on one end
  • Markers, stickers, stamps
  • Hole stickers

The Activity:

I love this activity because it’s pretty simple but works on so many wonderful skills.

Fold the construction paper width wise in half and ask children to cut a triangle.  Don’t cut the bottom edge yet!

Place 2 different colored round circle stickers on both sides of the edge of the triangle ½ inch apart from each other. This will reinforce the holes and provide a visual cue for hole punching and for lacing.

Ask children to make a hole at each dot using a hole puncher

Place both triangles on top of eachother and tie a piece of yarn or string to the first hole. (Note make sure the string is long enough but not too long as it can be difficult to manipulate. Also I like string or ribbon better than yarn) Using the end of the string that has tape around it, ask children to begin lacing using a running stitch.

I like to cue them by saying “one pink, one yellow, one pink, one yellow…”

Once the stictching is completes, tie a knot and have children to cut the bottom edge of the triangle….

Tada, there you have it, a nice winter hat!

They can use stamps, marker, stickers etc, to decorate!

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