Fine Motor Activities

Letter Pop

You Will Need:

  • Large Bubble Wrap
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet stickers
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The Activity:

I remember growing up I would love when my parents got something in the mail covered in bubble wrap. My sister and I would spend hours popping them. It’s addictive! So last week when I received a shipment of toys wrapped with large amounts of bubble wrap I didn’t have the heart to throw it away….so of course, I transformed it into a therapeutic activity!!

The benefit of popping bubble wrap is that it allows children to work on thumb strength, pincer strength and creating that O shape (open webspace between the thumb and index finger) that we try so hard to attain in OT so that children can then hold their pencils correctly during handwriting tasks and also to achieve improved dexterity!

I cut out a 1ft x 1ft piece of bubble wrap and placed Alphabet stickers all over it. Make sure you put ONE uppercase and ONE lowercase of each letter. You can also ask your child to help at this stage to prepare the activity. Peeling and sticking stickers is a GREAT fine motor activity!

Then give your child the bubble wrap and let them find a matching upper and lower case letter and pop them. You can ask your child to complete this task in the order of the alphabet or in any order.

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