Lite Brite Wonders

You will need:

  • Lite Brite (I like the smaller version; most children don’t have the patience to complete a large detailed picture…available here at MissMancy’s AMAZON Shop)
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors

The Activity:

I love this activity with kids of all ages because it works on so many fine motor skills at once! First cut a piece of construction paper about 5 X 5 inches wide. (for the mini version of the lite brite I use post it notes or I cut out a smaller square). Then draw a simple geometric shape and ask your child to take 5 pegs in his hand and wiggle them out one at a time without using his other hand or body (retrieving) and to poke pegs all around the drawing. (This also works on pincer/finger strength).

Once the figure is completed and that your child enjoys look at it glow in the dark, have him pick up pegs one at a time with one hand (nesting). Every time your child pick up 5 pegs with the same hand, he can then put those pegs away and pick up another 5 pegs!

Finally, have your child use the holes on the figure as a guide to cut it out. I cue my children that the scissor must cut through each and every hole. This is an easy way to teach cutting circles!

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