New Year, New Attitude (of Gratitude)


“Become a better parent, a more patient parent.” “Raise happier more conscious children” “ Spend more quality time with my child”…Sounds familiar?…New Year resolutions 2018! The world has become so busy and chaotic that now more than ever parents feel the need to instill solid values and life skills to raise happy, healthy, mindful, grounded families.

Let’s make 2018 the year that we live from inspired action! Every month I will send out a newsletter to help you find practical ways to achieve this goal…Ready?! Together let’s get happy!

We begin with GRATITUDE. Teaching children to be grateful contributes to their overall sense of well-being and fosters happiness. Gratitude helps children connect to something greater than themselves such as nature, people or a higher power. By expressing gratitude children feel more positive emotions, appreciate experiences and build more meaningful relationships.


As part of my own personal morning routine, I have been keeping a Gratitude List with 10 friends for the last 2 years. Every morning we email each other what we are grateful for. It is a life changing experience and attracts more things to be grateful for. Here are a few kid-friendly ways to express Gratitude.

1-Spend time in nature. Children may sometimes find it difficult to express something they are grateful. By spending time in nature they can become grateful for the warmth of the sun, for a cool breeze, for the smell of flowers etc…which is ALWAYS available to them.

2- Create a Daily Gratitude Journal. Children can keep a journal where they are encouraged to write 5 things each day that they are grateful for. For younger children, they can draw a picture. You can use this link to download a cute GRATITUDE  activity.

3-Create a Family ritual. Either at the dinner table or in bed, take the time to have children share the best part of their day.

4-Encourage them to give back by volunteering as a family. This helps raise children’s awareness to others who are less fortunate than they are. Thinking about others teaches them to be grateful for the life that they have. Ex: animal shelters, food banks, raise money for local charities by selling Lemonade.

5-Model gratitude. Become a living example to your child. Genuinely say “Thank you” to others.

6- Send “Thank You” cards. When children receive a gift from friends and family, take the time to write thank you cards to express gratitude.

7- Read books. Take the time to read books and share stories with your children about children of the world. Opening their eyes to how other children live their lives teaches them to be grateful for the ease in their lives.

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