Sensory Activities

Painting Snowboards for the Special Olympics!

I want to share a very special activity that we did with the children in MissMancy’s Art Class at the Social Mind Center.

We are so Blessed and fortunate to do our part for the Special Olympics through Art!!!

These snowboards were provided to the Center so that we can have the children paint them and then return them to be used at the Special Olympics!!!!! How EXCITING!!!!! The kids were sooooo happy to be a part of this!

We have many boards to paint but this first one we attempted as a group!

First we painted the boards with a black acrylic paint and let that dry. Then we used blue painters tape (love that stuff!!! See my post on 10 different ways to use painters tape) and created a design on the board.


Children then went to town and painted using acrylic paints! The look comes out uniform because of the painters tape! So this is a great activity for children to paint freely!


I will keep you posted when they hit the slopes!

You can always try this activity on a canvas or on a compressed foam board or any surface that will allow the painters tape to be peeled off without compromising the surface!

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