Paper Clip Counting Cards

You will need:

  • Colored jumbo paper clips
  • Cue cards cut in half (or 3 X 3 inch square piece of construction paper)
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How to make number cue cards:

Cut cue cards in half and write numbers you are teaching on the cards (one number per card). Use a hole puncher to make a hole on one corner of each card. Draw the number of dots on each number with the corresponding color of the paper clip. For example: 1 has one purple dot for 1 purple clip, 2 has 2 red dots on the number 2 for the 2 red clips etc…

The Activity:

For younger children, lay out the cards and the corresponding paper clips under each card. With older children, you can mix all the paper clips in a jar and just lay out the cards in front of them.

Have you child attach one clip to the next to make a chain. This works on fine motor/in-hand manipulation skills while working on number/counting concepts!

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