Fine Motor Activities

Pick up Chicks

I love finding different ways to use adaptive chopsticks. They are such a great addition to many of the fine motor games that we play with children in OT. This is one great tool!

Therapy Corner: 

I love using adaptive chopsticks to teach children the proper way to isolate the correct fingers and strengthen the correct muscles that they need for a proper pincer grasp.

Just make sure that they hold the chopsticks with their thumb and 2 first fingers and all other fingers are tucked in the hand. If the chopsticks are to heavy for little hands to hold, I allow them to use all other fingers however they MUST keep an open web space (i.e. the space between the thumb and index finger that forms a nice open circle when this tool is held correctly)

Working on these muscles is a great way to help children strengthen the muscles used for an efficient grasp on pencils!

What you Need:

  • Construction paper cut out in the shape of a flower or a nest
  • Adaptive Chopsticks
  • Mini Chicks


The Activity:

Write the alphabet in disorder on one side of the flower. Ask your child to circle the letters of the alphabet in order. Making small circles helps children work on finger movements to ensure a dynamic grasp (rather than a static whole arm movement grasp).


For every letter that your child circles in the correct order, they get one second for each letter. They then turn over the flower and get to place that many chicks using the chopsticks.



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