Plastic Sleeve Perfection

You Will Need:

Tricks of the Trade:

Using plastic sleeves is one of my favorite tricks of the trade. It allows me to avoid making so many photocopies (while saving trees:) and kids love to write with dry erase markers. They are more willing to complete worksheets this way!

My Favorite way to use Sleeves:

With Worksheets: Place worksheets in the plastic sleeve, have your child complete with a dry erase marker and reuse!

Mazes: Great for mazes so children can erase easily and try again if they make a mistake.

Tic Tac Toe: Fun reusable way to play Tic Tac Toe word games

Tracing: Write words or letters with a highlighter on white paper, place it in a plastic sleeve and have your child trace letters with a dry erase marker!

Copy Words or practice letters: Write a word or letter and make a box under it for your child to copy.

Sizing: Practice making letters smaller and smaller by drawing different sized boxes on white paper, place in a sleeve and have your child practice!

Motor Coordination: Draw a fun curvy road with a light maker (make lines thick ) and ask your child to trace by staying in the lines the whole time and not getting out of the road. This will work on motor coordination.

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