Predictability is Key Kit (retail: $39)

When deciding what items to create for children with Autism, I kept several things in mind. One of the most important ones being: The importance of Predictability for these children.

One of the BEST tools I have found when working with children that have sensory and/or behavioral issues is to provide them with a visual schedule. In my sessions, I usually draw for the child what we will be doing. They love when I say that it’s them in the picture and theirs a special attention that comes when they watch me draw.

I created these very helpful visual schedules that children can use as part of their daily routine. It’s usually difficult to find crafty looking visual schedules so my focus was also on making them look appealing.

These schedules are very organizing for children (especially children on the Autism spectrum) and greatly facilitates transitions from one activity to the next.  It allows children to know what is coming next (they can adjust their energy level knowing what’s in store for them) and it gives children the motivation to continue on a non preferred task knowing that something they enjoy is coming up!

Most of my children ASK me for a schedule as soon as they walk through the door!

You can personalize the boards with your child’s name or stickers of objects that they love (just don’t make it too busy…it can become visually distracting) If you send me an email with  your child’s name  and an idea of what they love ex: princess, astronaut etc…) I would be happy to personalize your gift for you!

I have also included a FIRST and THEN card that can be used with children that have difficulty transitioning. I like to use it when I do a non-preferred activity (such as homework). I place a PECS card for homework on the FIRST and a fun activity such as Playground on the THEN side of the card. I place it in front of the child as a reminder of what is to come. This allows for easier communication.

You will be amazed at how well this works with most children! I have gotten even the most behavioral children to follow routines beautifully with the help of a visual schedule!

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