Shaving Cream Fun

Shaving cream is such a fun sensory experience for your child. For children that demonstrate tactile defensiveness, I would only introduce this activity once a child trusts you and knows you well. I usually start to play with it myself, I don’t initially push them to touch the shaving cream but I then take their hands and place both of them entirely into the cream…Once they’re hands are in their most children will go with the flow and LOOOOVE it too! I also reassure them that we can wipe it off very easily.

10 Fun Activities to do with Shaving Cream:

1- Ask your child to use her finger or tools such as paintbrushes and sticks to draw letters, numbers and shapes

2-Add a few drops of different colored finger paint and let your child mix to learn about beautiful color combos!

3-Hide different textured items in the cream ex: a key, a coin, a spoon, a pencil, a small ball, a paper clip etc…and ask your child to find a requested item without looking ex: Can you find the spoon? (This works on what we call Stereognosis)

4-Ask your child to find specific colored items or shapes that you have hidden. This is a great way to teach little ones about colors or shapes

5-Hide all sorts of items and ask your child: Can you find an item that begins with the letter A?

6-Write your child’s name on paper, place it in a plastic sleeve. Hide letters in the cream and ask t=your child to find the letters of his name. As an added skill, tell you child each time he finds a letter: Is this letter in your name? if YES then have them place the letter on their written name…Continue till they can find all letters of their name.

7-Hide numbers in the cream. Ask your child to pick two numbers and then add them up. Great way to work on math skills!

8-Shaving cream is great fun in the bath. Make a mustache, or a beard and a hat!

9-Use shaving cream to play a carwash game with toy cars. It’s great sensory play!

10- Put a plastic tablecloth on the grass and put shaving cream all over it. Children can skate barefoot! You can even hide letters and ask your child to find specific letters. ex: Find the first letter of the word FISH!


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