Fine Motor Activities

Spray Those Hats

Therapy Corner:

As OTs we are always looking for activities to improve hand strength and grasp but at the same time, we want children to have the awareness of how much force  to use with their hands depending on the task. This is known as graded control. This activity provides the opportunity to work on both!

You Will Need:

  • 6 mini plastic St-Patty’s hats (I got these at the dollar store)
  • Spray bottle

The Activity:

Do this activity outside…It’s gonna get wet!! Ask children to form a pyramid using all 6 hats. This will require them to be gentle while placing the hats because they fall easily.


Then, using a spray bottle filled with water, have children spray the hats until they break the pyramid! This will work on hand strength! Kids love this outdoor water-fun activity!


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