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St-Patty’s Activities

Here are some fun St-Patty’s Day activities I found while searching on line.


Golden Coins Shaving Cream Search

Kids  absolutely love getting messy with shaving cream.  Just add green finger paint,  glitter and shiny coins to create a St- Patty’s theme. The children use tactile discrimination to find hidden coins. This is a a great skills to teach so that children learn to use the tactile information they get from touching without using their eyes to monitor what their hands are doing.  This comes in handy when opening/closing fasteners on their clothing.


Rainbow Painting

This is a great sensory craft for all skill levels. I found this activity on but adapted it for lower level skills. I cut out black pots from construction paper and stuck it at the bottom of the paper. Then using a pencil I drew 6 curved lines to create a rainbow. I numbered each line and marked it with the matching color pattern of a rainbow.

2014-03-15 06.43.05 (1)

I also put paints in small bowls and used a dry erase marker to mark the bowls with the corresponding numbers for the order of the colors.  Children dip their fingertips in the paint and make dots to create a rainbow! We also used silver foil to make shiny coins.2014-03-15 06.46.06

Leprechaun Activity Hunt!

I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love the excitement of a treasure hunt. I got this idea from I created clovers with activities on each of them ex: 10 sit ups with a partner, 10 jumping jacks, hold hands with friends in a circle and stand on 1 foot 10 sec. Each child had a chance to pick a room on our map and go find a clover. Each child reads out loud the activity that is on their clover and we complete it as a group. I like sending out one child at a time and doing the activities as each child brings back a clover. It helps with maintaining attention and excitement in the group!

2014-03-15 07.14.25

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