Fine Motor Activities

St-Patty’s Putty

Therapy Corner:

Putty is one of the best tools to use to improve finger and hand strength. The putty comes in different colors for different resistance however I like to use the medium resistance with my kids.
When a child digs to find items it helps him improve finger strength. At the same time, using their hands and fingers to feel for hidden items helps them work on tactile discrimination. This translates into activities such as closing their own buttons on pants or shirts without visually monitoring their fingers but instead using tactile discrimination to feel their way through the task.

You Will Need:

  • St-Patrick’s themed eraser
  • Putty (You can purchase here at MissMancy’s SHOP)
  • Containers
  • Graphing printout

The Activity:

I like to use small themed erasers that I hide in the putty and ask children to look for them.

Ask your child to find items on the putty by digging, pulling and kneading.

As they find an item, they mark it on the graph and drop it into a container.

Keep similar items together so they can double check their answers to the markings on the graph to make sure the amounts match!

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