Fine Motor Activities

Sticker Constellation

You Will Need:

  • Black construction paper
  • Silver colored Sharpie Marker
  • Star stickers

The Activity:

I love sticker activities! It’s a simple and fun way for children of ALL skill levels to create something beautiful and experience SUCCESS! You can’t go wrong with stickers.

I saw this activity posted at one of the schools I visit. I think this is a fabulous way to teach children about constellations while working on pincer grasp.

On a fine motor level, it is important that children use their thumb and index finger to peel stickers. Also make sure that all other fingers are tucked into the palm of the hand. (you can ask your child to hold a penny or broken crayon in the same hand so that it ensures that they use the correct fingers)

Provide your child with construction paper and a silver marker. Ask him to draw a simple shape that they would love to see formed in the sky by stars. You can even ask your child to name the constellation 🙂

Ask your child to peel star stickers with the correct pincer grasp explained above and place it along their silver drawing!

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