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Stocking Surprise!

Stereognosis is the ability to perceive and recognize the form of an object using cues from texture, size, spatial properties, and temperature. This is an important skill for children to develop so they can open/close buttons, zippers and other fasteners on their clothing without visually monitoring their fingers. It is also a skill we use when looking for keys in our purse! (and if your purse looks anything like mine, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack!!! (:

You Will Need:

A Christmas stocking or Santa hat

Holiday items such as candy cane, bell, little box/present etc…

Corresponding pictures or words of the items you picked out

Dry erase board and marker OR pencil and paper

The Activity:

There are many ways to play this game depending on your child’s skill level. I have listed a few.

1- Stack the cards with pictures and have your child turn one over. She then places her hand inside the stocking and and pulls out the matching item.

2- For children that can read or are practicing reading skills, you can use cards with words on them instead of pictures.

3-Place all card facing up in front of your child. Place only ONE item in the stocking. Ask your child to place their hand in the stocking and feel the item you placed. After 10 seconds (without pulling the item in the stocking) ask your child to identify what item they touched by picking out the correct card.

4- In clinic I like to also practice handwriting so I ask children to write down the name of the item that they identify correctly!

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