Gross Motor Activities

Skeleton Hands Scoop

You Will Need:

  • Skeleton Hands (I got these at Target , they are for serving salad!)
  • Koosh Balls
  • Scooter board
  • Container (I use a Halloween basket)

I love using the scooter board for various activities, especially if I see children at home where equipment is not available. For this activity, my goal was to work on bilateral coordination skills (both upper and lower extremities)

I begin by laying out koosh balls at one end of the room, and place the “target” basket at the other end. I ask children to sit on the scooter and pick up a koosh ball using the skeleton hands. Once they pick it up they must hold on to the koosh ball without dropping it and “walk” while sitting on the scooter across the room and into the basket.

Important things to keep in Mind:

  1. Look for quality of movement and execution.
  2. Picking up a ball using the skeleton hands will work on upper extremity coordination.
  3. Ask your child to stay sitting on the scooter and walk across the room, with reciprocal leg movements. This works on lower extremity coordination. Do not allow your child to advance the scooter board by scooting.
  4. Also very important, make sure your child holds the skeleton hands overhead. This ensures that if your child lacks core strength to complete this activity smoothly, (i.e. they slouch) the raising of the arms will provide what we call an anterior pelvic tilt and eliminate slouching so that we are strengthening the correct muscles!