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Sitting Still at Circle Time

Introducing Lil’ Wally the Weighted Worm!

I have been going to schools for the last 10 years and many teachers ask me advice for the same thing: How do I keep the fidgety children calm and sitting during circle time?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Allow the child to hold something ex: a puppet and actively participate as much as possible (teacher’s helper)
  • Sit the child against a wall or bookshelf. The added support will help sit up straight
  • Provide weight across the lap or shoulders. You can even weigh a back pack and have the child wear it

This is how I started making Lil’Wallys. These are just basic leg warmers that I fill with either dry rice or beans. I add buttons for eyes and a piece of ribbon for the tongue! (You can also purchase Lil’Wally here at MissMancy’s Shop)


The added weight across a child’s lap or shoulders provides them with a calming sensation to their nervous system (imagine getting a hug). This is not only useful during circle time but also during seated and quiet work or tests when added attention is required.

I like to make little Wallys for the neck/shoulders as well as longer Wallys that several children can put across their laps during circle time.