Fine Motor Activities

Sunshine Door Hanger

You Will Need from your Kit:


  • Linen Flower cut out
  • 10 clothespins
  • Yellow and orange paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 10 inch piece of ribbon
  • 2 wiggle eyes
  • “The Sun has Set” printout
  • Scissors (not included)
  • Glue (not included)
  • Black Marker (not included)

You can purchase this activity as part of Miss Mancy’s Summer Days Activity Kit!

STEP 1: Paint 5 clothespins yellow and 5 clothespins orange. Make sure to paint bot sides and you may need a double coat.


Step 2: Paint the front and back of the linen flower (optional) yellow or orange or both…I painted mine pink.


Step 3: Cut out the ” The Sun Has Set” and stick it at the back of the flower


Step 4: Stick the 2 wiggle eyes and use a black marker do draw a mouth on the other side of the flower (on the linen side)


Step 5: Add a piece of ribbon through the hole at the top of your flower and make a knot

Step 6: Once the clothespins are dry, pin them on the flower to create a sunshine!


You can use the sunshine as a door hanger!


Skills Addressed:

Painting is a great way to work on grasp so it can be carried over to a pencil grasp. Make the paint surface vertical (like placing the flower to be painted on an easel or wall) and it will work on wrist strength and shoulder strength.

Cutting a circle is an important Kindergarten bilateral coordination skill that children learn. Make several colored copies of the sign  in case they need practice.

I love using clothespins to strengthen little fingers. Make sure they use only a neat pincer grasp (i.e. thumb and first finger). Strengthening these muscles improves pencil grasp and overall hand dexterity for other fine motor activities. Use the final product several ways: as part of an obstacle course, patterning, on a scooter, over a therapy balls etc… there are endless ways to use it!