Sensory Activities

Spring Flower Painting

I saw this idea on line at and decided to give it a try with my Messy Art group. I love activities that combine a variety of senses. The smell of the flowers and the bright paint colors is a great way to welcome inSpring. It was a great success with my little ones. We even features this project at our first Art Show!


You Will Need:

  • Fresh Flowers
  • Tempra paints
  • Paper plates
  • Card stock paper
  • Ruler

The Activity:

Begin by providing each child with a piece of card stock paper and fresh cut flowers. Let them play with the flowers, smell them, pull the petals.


Put one color of paint in each paper plate and spread it out. (Don’t put too much paint)

Have children dip their flowers in the paint and stamp them across their paper, or twirl them or use the flower as a paintbrush!


20150317_152155                           20150317_151855


While the paint is still a little wet, use one of the paint colors and squeeze out one line vertically down the edge of the page.


Use a ruler to drag the paint across the paper. If you feel you need more paint to drag all the way across the page, add another vertical line down the middle of the page.


Simple and beautiful!






Sensory Activities

Painted Salt Structures

You Will Need:

  • Sandcastle molds
  • 3 cups of salt
  • 3 teaspoons of Water
  • Liquid water colors or food coloring mixed with water
  • Thin paint brushes and small eye droppers


Mix the salt and water well, until it appears damp and crumbly.

Pour it into the sandcastle mold a little bit at a time and press hard to compact it. Continue adding the salt mixture and press down until you get to the top.

Allow it to dry completely. (We left for one week based on our class schedule)


Flip it over carefully.


Paint it using watercolors or diluted food coloring using a paint brush or eye droppers. Be gentle and don’t paint over and over in the same spot. It will make the salt melt.


Once painted, allow the structure to dry another 12 hours.


The kids absolutely loved this project!


Fine Motor Activities

14 Ways to Use Popsicle Sticks

I think my favorite challenge as an OT (and lover of crafts) is to find an inexpensive, easy to find item and come up with as many creative uses for it as I can! Here is my take on popsicle sticks. I have gathered info from many sources and have come up with my own ideas as well!

1. Use it as a spacing tool for writing.


2. Create fun little puppets and use them in a creative puppet show.


3.Use large popsicle sticks to teach children letter sizing. They write the letters on the stick and can’t draw letters past it.


4.Use as a tool to underline.


5. Use as a pointer for reading. They double up as a bookmark.


6. Use them as counting sticks


7. Use popsicle sticks to make letters that contain straight lines only ex: A, E, F etc…


8. Put stick on velcro at the ends of the sticks and use them to create shapes and teach shape formation (click on the picture for the link to theviolethours)


9.Use it to draw letters in the sand or in various other mediums such as shaving cream

10. Use 2 popsicle sticks to make tweezers! Love this! (click on the picture for the link to impressyourkids)


11. “Walk” your fingers along the stick forward and back to teach finger isolation movements (needed for a dynamic pencil grasp)


12. Twirl popsicle stick (like when you twirl a pencil to the side of the eraser). Another important skills that requires isolated finger movements and therefore improves dexterity.


13.Create a really fun Math Game. Click on the picture to get details from swampfrogfirstgraders.

math game14. Use it for Brain Breaks Sticks! Click on the picture for details from heerenshappenings

brain break