Gross Motor Activities

Sight Words Spelling Words Spider Toss

I got all these fun Halloween items at Target $1 area (always full of cute items that can be used to teach kids basic skills)

You Will Need:

  • 10 plastic cups
  • 3 bean bags
  • Sight words written on paper

How to Play:

I marked the cups with points ranging from 30 to 5. Use a small piece of tape to stick 3 sight words in 3 different cups. Ask your child to toss the bean bag (spider in this case) and hit as many cups as possible. Then ask your child to look for cups that contain sight words. Your child gets to then read (or spell) the word he found in the cup. If he reads or spells correctly, he wins the number of points on the cup. Don’t forget to ask your child to restock the cups into a pyramid!

Therapy Corner:

Not only  is this a great way to review spelling words and sight words,I even use it for handwriting and ask children to copy the word they found, it works on many “OT” skills.

Throwing on a specific target helps your child work on eye-hand coordination skills. Stacking the cups into a pyramid is challenging for many children. It works on motor planning skills as well as graded control of the arms/hand. (This means your child will have to decide how much force to use when stacking the cups into a pyramid…gentle enough to make them stand)