Fine Motor Activities

Halloween Finger Puppet Fun

Here are several fun ways to use finger puppets!

  1. Finger isolation is an important skill that children must master in order to ensure dexterity. I like to put puppets on all fingers and ask them to answer  questions about the puppets by wiggling that specific puppet. ex: what puppet is green? which one has white eyes? etc..

2.   I also have them practice finger opposition which means touching the tip of the thumb to the tip of each digit one at a time. You can cue them by saying:” give each finger a kiss” by touching thumb to tip.

3.   These puppets are hard plastic so they are able to stand and I can hide items under them. I used miniature ghost erasers and wrote uppercase and matching lowercase letters on each ghost. We then play memory match! You can purchase this activity on MissMancy’s Shop.
4.   You can also practice matching Bb and Dd by writing only B,D,b,d on the miniature erasers for memory match.
5.   If I’m working on handwriting skills I ask children to write a word with the letter match that they found!