Wonderful Letter Apps

Therapy Corner

Parents always ask me about the best teaching Apps.iPads are a wonderful and magical tool to teach children various concepts. Young children have been born into an era of technology. They have a natural ability to navigate this technology. I therefore encourage the use of technology to teach concepts and skills however it should be done in a VERY interactive way. Do not just give your child the iPad and have them play on it alone. Take the time to teach important turn taking skills or use it simultaneously with paper/pencil when teaching letters.

The Activity

I use one of the following App. My all time favorite right now is LETTER SCHOOL. The kids absolutely LOOOOOVE it and respond to it. When it comes to learning letters, even some of my least motivated children are mesmerized by this App. I use that to my advantage when teaching letters.

With any App you use, first make sure you use a Stylus with a Gripper attached to it (see my post The Stylus for iPad/iPhone).

You then ask your child to write one letter on the iPad App and then to PRACTICE IT ON PAPER! Once they practice on paper they can pick another letter.

You will be amazed how your child will pick up letter formation and letter recognition in no time!!!

Here are other excellent Apps for learning letter:

iWrite: Wonderful for young children that are just beginning to learn their letters.

ABC Tracer: Excellent for a bit older children that are trying to master the formation of the letters.


The Stylus for iPad/iPhone/iTouch

What you will need: 

Tricks of the Trade:

iPads and iPhones are wonderful learning tools. They offer many wonderful Apps for kids. This is a great opportunity for a child to work on a correct grasp on writing utensils. This is why I INSIST that when children play on their iPads that they ALWAYS use a Stylus that I have placed a gripper on. Children are very motivated to play on these mediums and the use of a stylus while they play will help them work on their pencil grasp so that holding a pencil correctly for writing will eventually feel more natural to them.


The Magic Dinosaur

You Will Need:

Mini figurines such as Dinosaurs or Monkeys (Available for purchase here at Miss.Mancy’s Shop)

Tricks of the Trade

Many times young children have difficulty holding a pencil correctly. They may be able to hold the pencil with their fingers but they are unable to stabilize their hand by closing the rest of their fingers inside their palms (aka. ulnar stabilization). For these children, I like to whip out the Magic Dinosaur! (You can also use any small item such as a coin, button, cotton ball or pompom but tiny figurine are so much more fun etc..)

Once your child holds his pencil by “pinching” it, place the Magic Dinosaur in the palm of his hand and tell him that it’s a Magic Dinosaur that will help him with his writing but he must make sure not to drop him while he writes! Kids love this Magical visual.